el sereno sounds

  X   there is a dog, Blackie, who is black and i think a lab(?) and in the 9 months we’ve been neighbors he’s never been untied from the tree in his front yard. this would make anyone crazy, i understand, but Blackie expresses his frustration over his caged existence by barking, in loud, long bursts, every hour. he wakes me up, startles me when i walk by, and is generally always in a bad mood. i used to lay in bed after he woke me up, playing out elaborate fantasies in my head, where i take the knife on my bedstand and plunge it into his roaring throat. but i hear his captor occasionally come out and hit/yell at him “SHUT UP BLACKIE” so now i fantasize about using the knife to cut Blackie’s leash and let him run all the way back to hell. i am not a dog fan but Blackie deserves better than that janky little lawn.

  X  there are an uncanny amount of ice cream trucks in my neighborhood. i’ve learned to distinguish them by their songs, chiming away, up and down the street. the best is the red truck with the virgin of guadalupe on it; it plays ‘cha-cha’ tones. the worst is the blue one with the misshapen Simpson characters painted on it; its audio track is broken so it loops in a disjointed way with a weird childish “helLO?” that blurts out every 30 seconds. sometimes my roommate will whistle one of the tunes that are perpetually stuck in our heads, and i will know “that’s the tune from the white truck with the Mickey Mouse on the side. that one only has vanilla soft serve, no chocolate.”

  X  the houses are very quiet throughout the week except on Friday and Saturday nights. Saturday nights especially. all the sudden our sleepy street is straight hoppin’ with a ton of music from different bubbles. mostly mariachi bands. i’ve toyed with the idea of following a group into one of the house parties, just to see what’s happening inside. i bet there is a ton of really great food served. probably homemade. i really need to learn spanish.

 X   there are a handful of carts and street vendors who trawl through the neighborhood, emitting short blasts from air horns to let everyone know they are outside with chips, tacos, candies, etc. sometimes i will be deep in a book or something and the blast of noise will shatter my focus and make me think “aliens??” for a split second before realizing “no, just churros.”

 X    there are frequent pops and bangs and bursts at night. the loud kind where you’re not sure the direction it comes from because it sounds like an air pocket imploded and vibrations rumble through the air as a whole. i tell myself my neighbors are really into fireworks or that everyone needs to get their cars checked.

view from the patio (not pictured: ice cream truck chimes and Blackie's howls)

view from the patio (not pictured: ice cream truck chimes and Blackie's howls)