Possible Life Plans part 2

Long Haul / Legit Attempts to Survive :: Give In / Give Up


  • picking a long-term path and sticking with it offers more stability

  • potential better sense of self

  • less existential crises??

  • live long enough to see society collapse?? (personal wish)

  • collecting capital = degree of security


  • changing my mind years later would leave me right back where i started

  • will get some disease or other if i live long enough

  • existential drudge could still kick in

  • less indulgence, more responsibilities?

  • no guarantee i won’t randomly get hit by a bus / never reap rewards of my work

    1]    Just Give In to America © / Choose Life


  • health insurance, rent $!

  • mani/pedis for daaaays

  • could spend hours watching shitty TV and not feel bad about it

  • could eat all the high-fat sugary foods i love

  • stop giving a shit about the environment, poor people, anything other than me

  • give up all self-awareness, enjoy white privilege, become a hater for fun

  • PHARMACEUTICALS! xanax and percocet and ambien

  • spend money on whatever i want without thinking

  • very low bar for being “a good person”


  • unfulfilling job with boss i loathe, doing the same shit every day

  • would probably only hang with really boring people

  • will have to pretend to give a shit about a lot of things i couldn’t give a shit about

  • possibly have to watch televised sporting events

  • if i shut off the parts of me that give a shit, what else do i lose?

  • what if i morph into a Republican??

  • what if i snap???

  • will still have bills and student loans

2]     Become Anarcho-Punk


  • not feel guilty for half-assing my politics

  • give up pretenses of caring about sports / celebrities / politeness

  • could really devote time and energy to causes i care about, actually affect change

  • feel fulfilled, sense of purpose

  • work less, live more

  • spend time with passionate, intelligent people

  • could get tattoos / try all the hair colors i’ve always wanted to try


  • will be hungry a lot- potential for malnutrition

  • massive learning curve! e.g. making my own stuff, being sustainable, etc.

  • no health insurance for when sick / injured

  • very real possibility of homelessness

  • the future is a complete unknown

  • no mani/pedis OR sushi

  • may spend some time in jail

yo' grrrl holzer

yo' grrrl holzer

3]     Become Ayn Rand Freak Capitalist


  • would probably get to drink a lot of whiskey

  • without morals or empathy, i could accomplish a lot!

  • be on the side of the winners (old white guys) for once

  • part of me really enjoys manipulation / being a dick- could be fun!

  • could fake a conversion and shell out ex-atheist / ‘Heaven is for Real’ books

  • could marry a closeted Republican dude and not work at all

  • Ann Coulter is laughing all the way to the bank, just saying. maybe get in on that?

  • if it works out, could be ballin’ $$$


  • potentially a fuckton of work

  • what marketable skills do i have? like really

  • essentially be a prostitute at all levels

  • would have to hang out with- and kiss up to- total assholes

  • the NSA file on me would keep me from a cush Government job

  • would have to learn golf??

  • would have to go to church

  • in the every-man-for-himself-bootstrap world, i could work my ass off for years and still end up with nothing through no fault of my own

4]     Become an Ascetic


  • Leave crushing pressure of careerism b.s.

  • no more social anxiety / fake obligations / performing roles

  • would probably eat a lot healthier, sleep better?

  • maybe get really good at meditation

  • clarity, contentedness??

  • not feel guilty for contributing to shitty society

  • wear comfy clothes 24/7


  • do i have to join a monastery / sect? how do i choose

  • how do i listen to my music?

  • don’t have the skills to live on a mountain alone

  • potentially a lot of daily chores

  • i don’t know if monks get laid

  • it’d be a dick move to ditch my brother

  • there’s no way i’d look good bald / with dreads / however ascetics do hair (does the fact this is a legit 'con' for me preclude me from being a true ascetic?? probably no more than the fact that i initially typed "aesthetic" by accident in the first bullet point)