Possible Life Plans part 1

Short Term / DGAF Plans :: Live Fast Die Young


  • any option i choose comes with uncertain time limit but certain death, so may as well have fun!

  • never pay bills

  • do ALL the drugs! (except meth)

  • eat what i want, drink as much as i want

  • no rules

  • be present, enjoy the moment, no moderation


  • most likely lose current friends

  • dishonor ancestors

  • how young???

  • any path in this category increases chances of getting beat up / worse

  • if i change my mind after picking one of these… idk i’m fucked i guess

  • never get to own a Savannah cat?? (life goal)

seiichi hayashi

seiichi hayashi

1]     Join a Gang


  • would get a sense of belonging / camaraderie, i’d assume

  • cool nickname??

  • someone’s got my back!

  • would maybe get to have a gun

  • have steady cashflow

  • drugs parties sex no bedtime

  • would meet interesting people


  • death almost guaranteed to be brutal

  • very high chance of getting shot

  • what if there’s a coup and i have to choose sides?

  • all i know of gang life i learned from HBO, which is hella un-gangster

  • what if the leaders turns out to be super tyrannical

  • doubt fellow gang members would share my interests in… pretty much anything

  • i’m quite white

park sung jin

park sung jin

2]     Become A Vagabond


  • TRAVEL! see and experience other cultures!

  • eat cool new food?

  • no obligations to anyone / anything

  • would learn so much

  • people may be more understanding of / receptive to this over other plans

  • never boring!

  • unknown possibilities to discover!

  • would meet interesting people


  • would probably be hungry a lot / resort to eating undesirable stuff

  • need to learn skills to do odd jobs for cash

  • high potential for being kidnapped!!

  • i don’t speak any other languages beyond english and bitch


  • discomfort / lack of hygiene common


  • hearing aids + glasses wouldn’t last long / are irreplaceable

3]     Go Out in Blaze of Fire / Political Prisoner


  • would get to do something rad to get imprisoned

  • brief fame, which could be used to bring attention to issues; at least an internet thinkpiece or two would be written about it

  • may get small cult following of teenagers on tumblr

  • wouldn’t have to worry about rent or food

  • plenty of time to read and study new things in prison

  • might make lifelong friends on the inside

  • depending on scale of my “crime,” may actually bring about some change


  • um, rest of life spent in prison

  • would 100% for sure get my ass kicked

  • shitty food, shitty beds, shitty living conditions, super shitty health services

  • would never get to travel

  • would have to deal with power-tripping asshole guards

  • looming threat of solitary confinement!!

  • hooch doesn’t look appealing

  • the whole loss of identity & freedom thing