hello world

     I've always written things down as a way to get them out, and writing felt safer than speaking because there wasn't a need to share the end result. But over the years I've learned that getting it out isn't sufficient- the weight isn't levied unless it's shared. So I am going to post what I write, instead of keeping it all hidden away on a laptop.

     Communication is a conundrum to me; miscommunication is an obsession- ever since I put on my first pair of hearing aids at age 4 and realized that information is never received the same by any two people. There are as many interpretations as there are individuals, and while that initially seemed terrifying, I've come to understand it's rather magical. Necessary, even.

     A more selfish reason for sharing my writing is the hope that perhaps it will resonate with others. As a deaf (little 'd'), queer, mixed, weird little girl, I've always thought I was too different, never normal enough. Reading the words of other weirdos saved my life more times than I can count, so I suppose I'm throwing my voice out into the weirdo chorus.

     I make no promises regarding my writing talent, I will post opinions and then change my mind later, I will self-censor too much and overshare the next day. I'm insanely imperfect, and some mornings I wake up feeling like a person with no relation to the person who fell asleep in that same spot. I'll hope you won't judge me too harshly, or take me too seriously. But I also hope you'll listen, and maybe if we're lucky we'll have some real, honest, true blue communication.

     Feel free to bug me with any reactions you have to anything I write:

waitwhatkate [at] gmail