Fudgesicles + Coffee = Adult Breakfast

It took me a long time to appreciate coffee; I didn't have my first cup until I was 21 (with 3 finals I was woefully unprepared for the next morning.) When my roommate was showing me how to prepare coffee, she explained "...and then you add sugar. .... knowing you, you're gonna want a lot of sugar." (She knows me so well.)

On the other hand, I have always loved fudgesicles- they are my favorite food. So as a harried college student with a new-found love of caffeine and no time to waste, I devised what I (semi-jokingly) call

Adult Breakfast


Step 1. Pour cup of coffee and grab a fudgesicle

Step 2. Stir the fudgesicle into the coffee. This achieves many things:

  • It cools down your steaming hot cup of coffee
  • It adds the necessary sugar and dairy (stirring stick included, look at that)
  • It turns your normal coffee into a 'mocha!'

Ta-da! Now your coffee is ready, you have a fudgesicle to eat with it, and off you go to class (which may or may not have started 5 minutes ago).

Look at you, you clever adult.